Thursday, October 26, 2017

Behind The Scenes !!!!

On occasion I find that the backgrounds that come with scrap kits don't suit my tube choice.  And sometimes I just want something different - so click HERE if you would like to learn how to make your own personalized backgrounds !!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Beyond the Sea.....

Turn on the Bobby Darin song and have fun with this tut !!!!

Tut - HERE

Monday, July 10, 2017

Saluti !!!

Tut - HERE

This one I reversed the squares and circles!!

Here is Dale's creation - He's the Prim King!!!

Friday, July 7, 2017

A Hallmark Moment

Tut - HERE

For Bon !!!!

The above tag is the subject of this tut.  I'm in a wonderful yahoo group - PSP Times Three which offers a variety of challenges every week. We all share our results - which is very inspirational as the members are all very talented and creative.  Anyways, on one of my posts I included the above tag, one lovely lady, Bon,  commented on it - wondering if it was a premade alphabet - it is not.  It is from a tut that I did some time ago.  I googled to try and find the tut to no avail.  I did find similar images, but the pages that they directed me to had nothing to do with PSP.  I NEVER want to infringe on other tut writers - I respect their work as I hope they will respect mine.  So I have decided to write a tut, to the best of my recollection - however if you are the original creator of this tut, or you know the location of the original tut - PLEASE let me know and I will remove what I have posted and link to the original tut.


A chunk font of choice
Elements from a scrap kit of choice
Gold foil pattern 

Let's Begin:

Open a new image 700 x 700.  This gives us room to work - it will be resized later.

Set your foreground and background to black and type out your name.
Stretch out your text sideways and upwards until you are happy with the size - center in canvas - convert to raster.

Select all - float - defloat - expand by 2 - add a new layer and fill with your gold pattern - deselect - move under black text - merge these 2 layers  together.

Select the elements you wish to use.  You can use a variety of colors, or just one.  You can use floral clusters, you can use objects other than flowers - think outside the box !!!! 

Copy and paste your elements - resize each one - the amount will depend on the size you want for each one.  Once you have them all resized and place them along the lower part of the text.  Make sure you have some that extend beyond the lettering - see my above example as a reference.

Once happy with the layout - X-out your text layer and merge together all your element layers.  Duplicate and move one under your text which you can open now.

Activate your text layer - select all - float - defloat - now activate your top element layer - invert and hit delete - deselect.  Lower the opacity of this layer - I find that the 75% range works best.

Merge the top element layer with your text layer.  Add a drop shadow of choice - I used 1/1/100/4/black then -1/-1/100/4

You can also add drop shadow to the bottom element layer if you wish.

Merge all layers - resize to a size you desire.  Save as a .png file!!!

Here are a few more that I made

This one I used a floral cluster from a kit and added a brick element from the kit.  Sorry this kit is no longer available.

This one I used brown for the text as it complimented the colors in the elements better.

This one I added a solid color and added noise for the text frame and I added a mask.  Kit used - Vibrant Autumn by Tiny Turtle Designs.

Love the little critter in Dale's tag !!!!